DP Surfboards Technology

DP Surfboards polyurethane blankPolyurethane

DP Surfboards are built from the finest quality materials. Crafted from the quality-renowned King Surfboards Blanks, traditional polyurethane blank surfboards have been DP Surfboards' primary offering over the years. These are currently still a favourite among the majority of surfers, however new technologies such as EPS and CSS (Carbon Strapped Stringerless), employed by DP Surfboards are becoming increasingly popular.

DP Surfboards EPS epoxy blankEPS Epoxy

EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam core surfboards are a lighter density to your standard polyurethane cores and glassed with epoxy resin which makes them lighter, more buoyant and longer lasting than traditional surfboards.

DP Surfboards carbon strapped stringerless blankCSSĀ (Carbon Strapped Stringerless)

Today's surfboard industry is constantly evolving with new technology and materials, with carbon fibre being used in many ways to strengthen boards and create better flex patterns. After much research and development, DP Surfboards have gone the extra mile and developed CSS.

Utilising a stringerless EPS blank combined with a three stage epoxy lamination, the CSS includes carbon fibre strapping to reinforce the high stress zones of the board. This increases the strength in the areas where it's most needed to create a strong, lightweight board with an extremely lively flex pattern.