Nicholas Squiers

AKA: Squizza 
Weight: 80kg 
Born: Wollongong Hospital 
Resides: East Corrimal 
Sponsors: DP Surfboards, Mantis United Eyewear, C-Skins Wetsuits, OAM Accessories, Cream Wax 
Quiver: 5'8 x 19 x 2 3/8 Sequel. 5'11 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4 Pulse. 
Best surf trip: One that doesn’t involve driving around for the day, checking every surf spot then surfing the first spot you checked in the AM. 
Dragons slayed: I’m not sure, but I refereed an Under 6s soccer match. That was pretty heavy. 
Achievements: 5th San Miguel Pro, 6 star, Zarautz 2011, 7th Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro, 5 star, Pantin Spain 2011, 119th overall 2011 One World ranking WQS 
Worst decision: Paddling and missing a 7 footer out at 10ft Ulus. Its not easy duck diving a 10ft wave on a 7ft board. 

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